A New Trend in Auto Repair Shops

Everyone is trying to find ways to help our community every day, as the entire world is conscious. This trend of “going green” has been found in so many different forms in so many industries. Hybrid vehicles have been built by the auto industry to help save on the awful effects of petrol. Companies offer to accept payments and view bills electronically in order not to waste paper. Grocery stores have reusable bags that can be bought so that the plastic bags don’t go into the trash. It may be a slow process, but in all corners of the United States, the eco-friendly movement is catching on. The automotive industry recently decided that it was time they did their part. Find additional information at Two Fingers Automotive-Mechanic

At one point or another, we were all inside an auto repair store. We all have to have our oil changed every three months if nothing else, but this is not a foreign place. The smells are shocking as you walk inside. These are what you have come to associate with repair shops for cars. All the additives, lubricants, and coolants in your car are also present in the shop and exposed. You can still depend on seeing liquid green, dark brown or purple, and the pretty rainbow colours on the tile, of course. The problem is that, for the most part, this repair on your car simply needs to be completed. It is important to substitute old motor oil with new oil, and so it will be revealed. What’s going on is that car repair shops know that there is a lot that can be done about the waste and emissions coming from their shops and that they are now doing something about it.

Of course, there are government-regulated standards that must be respected by any repair shop. As of now, however, it is the preference of each individual shop to comply with the environmental standards set by green associations. They are accredited as an official green company if they do, then. There are a variety of items that a repair shop could do better in order to achieve that target.

Green repair shops are now washing up their spills with biodegradable cleaners. At all times, they keep their parking lots, floors, and bay areas clean so that rain does not transport hazardous waste into the storm drains. They use stringent methods of prevention, such that dangerous materials are less leaky. To minimise the risk of water , air, and landfill pollution, this requires the proper use, storage , and disposal of all hazardous chemicals. They use low-VOC paint on cars as well. Chemical solvents that quickly evaporate into the air are VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. They are considered to cause health issues instantly and/or in the long term.

All of these are moves in the right direction to provide everybody with a healthy climate. The recycling of motor oil is, however, one of the biggest breakthroughs. Per year, 180 million gallons of used motor oil are estimated to be disposed of in an unhealthy way. Up to 250,000 gallons of drinking water is polluted by ground water that is tainted by just one quarter of the oil. Not only does oil that is poorly disposed of end up in our drinking water, but also in our streams , rivers, beaches, parks , playgrounds, and ultimately, fish and animals are affected by it. A major contributor to contamination is the improper disposal of motor oil, antifreeze, lead-acid batteries, and other components associated with routine auto maintenance, while repairs performed in small shops or at home are the number one source of small quantities of hazardous waste. So, in truth, someone who is adept at changing their own oil makes it worse. The possibility that they will have a deal with a business to take their oil and clean it is probably not very likely. It’s a huge deal here.

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