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A green roof is a building roof that is completely covered with plants and a rising medium, planted over a covering of waterproofing. The additional layers, such as a root fence and drainage and irrigation systems, also include the green roof. Green use refers to being environmentally friendly. These kinds of roofs look fantastic and are also very good for the climate. Likewise, green roofs are known as living roofs. Green roofs also have several uses, such as rainwater absorption, providing a home for animals, and insulation is also provided by green roofs. Green roofs also help to lower city temperatures and reduce the effects of heat. Two different types of green roofs exist. Intensive roofs and extensive roofs are the names. The dense roofs are thicker and can accommodate numerous plant varieties. These are heavier and need upkeep. There are light layers of plants on the large roofs and they are lighter than intensive roofs. The word green roof can be used to describe roofs that use a variety of kinds of green technology, such as a cool roof, a solar thermal collector roof. Green roofs are sometimes referred to as living roofs or eco-roofs. click reference for more info.

There are so many environmental advantages of green roofs. Heating is minimised by green roofs. The green roof reduces water from hurricanes. They philtre the contamination and help to reduce breath-related diseases such as asthma. They philtre heavy metals out of the rain water as well. It also improves the farming environment. Green roofs have financial advantages, too. It greatly increases the roof life span. It also increases the value of real estate. In supporting green roofs, European countries have been very involved. In Chicago, Portland, Atlanta and other United States towns, green roofs are also becoming very common. In Australia, the popularity of green roofs has been rising day by day over the past 10 years. The largest green roof project in Australia was announced in 2010 as The Victorian Desalination Project.

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