How To Install A Countertop

Home renovations may also be pricey, and often individuals tend to perform a lot of the work themselves. Without the use of a specialist, there are several home renovation improvements that can easily be completed. Countertop self-installation of preformed countertops is better than ever. There are a few suggestions on building countertops that will help to be a success on every home renovation kitchen project.Have a look at Granite Depot of Lexington for more info on this.

Make sure the area is protected from mishaps before starting any construction by disconnecting the plumbing and switching off any electrical equipment within cabinets or under counters. To secure them throughout the installation, make sure to eliminate the sink and all drawers. When an existing countertop is still present, it would need to be replaced. To take off the caulk that binds it to the wall, loosen the screws that fasten it to the cabinets and use a kitchen knife.

In every home improvement scheme, careful measurement is the most critical phase. Extra effort, lost materials, and an overall headache may be induced by the incorrect calculations. Do not neglect to include the overhang of the counter and the region to be cut out for the sink while calculating the region to be enclosed by the countertop surface. Preformed countertops come in regular sizes, but a bigger version would most definitely have to be bought and trimmed to the scale of the surface region. Measure the region on the preformed countertop surface that has to be torn out.

Place masking tape around the cut lines to help avoid chipping, until removing the preformed countertop. To make cuts around the masking tape, use a handsaw. When cutting around the sink section, be certain to take special caution. Improper cutting or measuring of the sink region is one of the most popular failures in installing countertops. This will result in you needing to resume the project all over again. After the cuts have been made, sandpaper should be used to smooth out the edges.

To keep the countertop firm to the surface region, Carpenter’s glue should be put along the tops of the cabinets. Apply the pre-formed countertop to the cabinets immediately. For added help, use drywall screws to connect the countertop to the cabinets. The sink should be re-installed after the adhesive has cured and the brand new countertop is primed for enjoyment.

A fresh countertop is a perfect kitchen project for home renovation to further maximise the look of every kitchen. It is simple and cost efficient to mount a preformed countertop without a specialist. It will help every countertop installation go smoothly by following a few basic tips for measuring, cutting, and applying preformed countertops.

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