Mobile Network- A Closer Look

T-Mobile is a German corporation, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, which provides European and US mobile network services. The organisation runs its networks in the United States and in Europe as a participant of the Free Transfer Alliance. T-Mobile is the sixth biggest mobile phone service provider in terms of customers, with total users reaching 101 million, and is the third largest international group, next to Vodafone of the UK and Telefonica of Spain. T-Mobile is the main operator of mobile phone services in its home country, Germany.You may find more information at What are the Ways to Improve Mobile Network.

USA T-Mobile

Up until 1999, T-Mobile in the US was classified as VoiceStream Cellular. It became independent after purchasing regional GSM carriers and was absorbed by Deutsche Telekom in 2001, with its name changing to T-Mobile in 2002. With 25 million customers in January 2007, T-Mobile USA is the fourth largest national carrier in the US. Targeting the millennials, with a new slogan “Hang Together,” it emphasises on focusing on costs.

This is one of the thinnest smartphones and the lightest. A complete QWERTY keyboard sports it. It gives you a feeling of a real office with powerful functionality such as Microsoft ActiveSync plus email with wireless link attachments and schedule, etc. It has a total video and music player, camera and camcorder. This is helpful for every specialist on the move, complete with Bluetooth stereo wireless assistance. With the inclusion of MS Pocket Outlook Email, the built-in WI-FI delivers the fastest wireless download capacity. Multimedia-supported Windows Media Player 10 requires music and video files of 65,000 colours to be managed on a large monitor. A 1.3 megapixel multi-shot camera and self-timer that can be used to take pictures and video recordings.

Other products include the USB cord, wall adapter, MS ActiveSync CD-ROM, Ear Bud, all bundled in a shell. WMA support for the MP3 player, playlist support and USB mass storage helps the user to experience all his favourite songs. The attachment display capacity enables displaying of attachments, as well as PDF files, in Word, Power Point and Excel files. With v20, headset, OPP, FTP and other profile assistance, this hands-free smartphone boasts bluetooth technology. The insurance for one year contains alarm, calculator, schedule, vibration feature, telephone book, mutual memory, voice-activated dialling, mini USB port and cord, etc.

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