The Truth and Myths About Ionizing Water Filters

There are several different ionising water philtres on the market that are sold under various brands today. Some are sold via retail networks and some are sold via network marketing. It should be recognised at the outset that this article is not about any particular ionising philtre, but rather focuses on the basic physics and chemistry related to micro-cluster water and alkaline water concepts. Greenfield Water Solutions offers excellent info on this. The companies that market these philtres produce amazing demonstrations that seem to make sense, but truly count on your not being a chemist or physicist who knows the actual properties of water. Here are the basic facts about science.

The Alkalinity Myth

There is no sound scientific evidence showing any health benefits from consuming alkaline water, according to the Mayo Clinic. In fact, for some chemical reactions to occur the digestive system needs acidity. Certainly there is no scientific evidence supportive of myths including alkaline water cures cancer. Investigate the research statements of philtre manufacturers and you will find that a lot of them are simply made for marketing purposes.

Basic Water

The famous chemical symbol H2O for water is familiar to all of us. This implies that water consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen. The curious thing about water is that it should be a gas instead of a liquid at normal temperatures … based purely on its atomic weight … Yet water is a liquid, since its molecular structure is highly fascinating. With an angle of a little over a hundred degrees between them, the two hydrogen atoms are fixed to one side of the oxygen atom. That means that the oxygen atom is dominated on one side of the molecule and the hydrogen atoms dominate on the other. As a consequence, one side of the atom appears to have a positive charge, while the other side of the atom appears to have a negative charge, leading to two curious phenomena.

Second, when you have a bunch of water molecules around each other they will appear to stay together because one molecule’s positive side will be electrically attracted to another molecule’s negative side. They stick together in what are called clusters of water molecules. The reason these clusters are that water is a liquid. The molecules adhere together, forming a liquid rather than a gas. It is a basic notion. By staying together, the light water molecules which should be gaseous individually effectively become heavier.

The second phenomenon is that in the centre of all the water , the water molecules often appear to get ions of other substances floating around. This is why there are so many substances that dissolve in it and that it is the vehicle for the body’s biochemical reactions. An ion is a molecule which is either negative because it has additional electrons or positive because certain electrons have been given up. Water is a good medium for chemical solutions, and this bi-polar aspect of water molecules is loved by many ionic substances. The main thing to note is that there are many things like ions in the water like water pollutants.

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