The Unexposed Secret of Self Care Ideas

It is no great surprise that most women take care of their loved ones much better than they take care of themselves. It almost seems to be hardwired in the DNA, and if that were not enough, our cultural teachings say from early on, “Don’t be selfish or ask for help. You can do it on your on, put other’s needs before your own.” It’s no wonder then that they draw a blank or begin to squirm when you suggest self-care to many women. Only take time for me? That’s what I will never do. Buy myself flowers – no way! Want to know more? see it here.

Other than these negative beliefs, you are worth more; you deserve to respect yourself more. It’s time for those ideas to be squashed and new ones asserted. How? By mentioning two simple and persuasive reasons why you can’t afford to have a deficiency in self-care and taking three steps to start turning it around today.

There are two simple and convincing reasons why you can not afford to do anything other than take excellent care of yourself: ALL facets of your life suffer when you do not take care of yourself. Your efficiency and resourcefulness are reduced at work and/or as a parent. Your health and wellbeing are affected and when life starts to feel flat, your joy suffers. Only imagine the price you’re paying!

When you do not take care of yourself, you age faster. Stress is the biggest cause of early ageing. The precursor to stress is a self-care deficiency.

Have I got you worried about the risk that you can’t afford to miss self-care? Huh? Yes? I can hear some of you say that it sounds like a brilliant idea, but the truth is… I can’t afford it I’m too busy, people will think I’m nuts. I hear you and I have a solution, and I have three solutions, actually.

Three Baby Steps to Self Care Better

Baby Phase One: Make a list of 10 ways in which better self care can be exercised. Perhaps taking a bubble bath for as long as you want, joining the gym and really going to work out, saying to all and everyone no more often than yes, pausing to breathe deeply all day long. Think about all aspects of your life: your wellbeing, the climate in which you live and work, your finances, your relationships, etc. Did he get the idea?

Baby Step Two: Take that list and extend it to 50 ways.

Baby step Three: Take the list now and extend it to 100 ways, again! That is right. Until there are 100 things on it, your list is not complete. Big ones, little ones, wild ones, routine ones; get a pal with you to brainstorm. Pick up a great self care book. To make your Self Care 100 List, do whatever it takes

Combined with a list of 100 ways of practising self care, two compelling explanations leave you with no excuses and the leverage you need to get started today. Make a pick. Make the comment, I’m worth it! Put yourself on your goal list first and watch as as a result, all aspects of your life begin to thrive.

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