Types of Pool Pavers: Patterns and Shapes

A common material for building decks and patios around the pool is pool pavers. Stone, mortar and brick are the three major products the pavers put in. A natural material is stone pavers, but these pavers traditionally come in a rectangular form. Since brick and cement pavers are manmade, pavers in various shapes can be found that allow you to build the design or look you like. Since these pavers have smooth edges and textured textures, square and rectangular pavers are the perfect option for pool pavers.Do you want to learn more? Visit Pool Pavers Jacksonville

Additional shapes include:

Oblong •

Octagon •

Triangle •

Zigzag •

  • The Pentagon

Rectangular •

Squared •

Diamond •

Hexagon •

  • The rectangle

Shapes and Trends

The paver ‘s form influences the design that you will make. For instance, a paver formed like a zigzag will produce an interlocking pattern. In the other hand, square pavers build a side-by – side design. Pool designs typically involve square and rectangular pavers that lie side-by – side, but to make a diamond design, you may also transform the square and rectangular pavers at an angle.

Patterns and Unusual Forms

You may also make odd shapes and designs for other places around the lake, in addition to the design that you make with pavers on the deck around the lake. To make steppingstones, for example, you may use irregular formed pavers as the entry to the pool deck or patio. Irregular shapes may produce a decorative appearance, such as surrounding flowerbeds or making tiny walls to divide one part of the yard from another, such as stone pavers.

Merging Forms

To add a different design influence, you can also combine numerous formed pavers. Combining various shapes of pavers helps you to make exclusive patterns that set the neighbours and other people you meet away from your outdoor design and decor.

Some of the typical combinations of shapes include:

  • Rectangle and square

Diamond and Quadrate

  • Triangular and oval

Octagon and pentagon

  • Zigzag and oblong

Pool pavers create the perfect material for constructing decks and patios around your home’s pool space. To build the design impact that you like, you will find pavers in various forms, sizes and materials.

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