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ORGANIC LATEX MATTRESS. To different people, this can mean different things, and organic can certainly mean something different to you than to the maker that makes your mattress. Make sure you have 100 percent organic materials in your mattress if you are searching for and paying for organic ones. The law states that they can label the product organic if a producer puts as little as 8 percent organic materials into their product. Yes, I did claim 8 percent! Why bother, right? Make aware that the packaging says that it is 100% organic. You’re not having a fully organic product if it doesn’t. And is that not what you are paying for after all? Learn more by visiting BoxDrop Near Me.

Don’t be misled by a commodity that is ‘pure.’ It doesn’t mean that it’s organic, only because a product claims it’s pure. In fact, most producers that use “pure” or any word other than organic to define their raw products do NOT actually use organic ingredients in their mattresses. Some farmers would go as far as telling you un-truths to hide the fact that they do not use organic goods. Some businesses will tell you, for instance, that organic wool is dirty and loaded with faeces. That’s totally, 100% not accurate and is just a marketing ploy to hide the fact that in their mattresses they don’t use organic wool. Natural wool is washed with raw and earth-friendly soaps, like any other wool used in the manufacturing sector. Natural wool is more costly to produce and wool is an easy thing to skimp on when a producer is trying to cut costs. Non-organic wool provides the producer with lower prices and higher profit margins, while an inferior, non-organic commodity is left to the customer. As the popularity of organic products continues to rise, the organic mattress market is becoming very competitive. Insist on organic wool and make sure to check out the certificates of the organic wool producer.

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