Understanding Healthcare Worker Radiation Protection

health care workersWhile the use of radiation by healthcare professionals is often necessary to determine specific issues that are needed to provide the patient with quality care, there is no dispute that continued exposure to radiation can lead to serious health problems for healthcare workers. Considering that, someone who is regularly exposed to these pollutants should use protective wear to minimise these health risks. Some of the protective products which are available are discussed in this article. Feel free to find more information at stopru.com/reduced-isolation-time-for-some-healthcare-workers/815/.

Popular Radiation Uses and Risks from It

Many of the staff are involved in work that involves radiation in research laboratories, clinics, dental offices , nursing homes, and hospitals. This requires, for each of them, doctors , nurses, dentists, scientific experts, and assistants. Although there are definitely many machines that produce radiation in these facilities, the one most commonly listed is the X-ray machine. While no one can argue that x-rays are highly helpful for the care of patients, it has been shown that regular, long-term exposure to the radiation they emit causes significant health problems, including skin burns, cataracts, thyroid gland damage, tumours, and even cancer, to mention only a few of the risks.

Focusing on one of the above risks is important to highlight the serious health risks faced by workers. The neck ‘s largest gland, the thyroid, releases hormones that regulate the metabolism of the body. Thyroid damage can lead to an increase or decrease in these hormones, thus seriously off-balancing the metabolism of the body. The thyroid gland will also often enlarge, making it difficult to both breathe and swallow. Thyroid cancer is also a concern during future exposure that needs to be guarded against.

Protective Clothing for radiation-exposed healthcare staff

Fortunately, healthcare staff who are constantly dealing with radiation emitting equipment have access to protective clothing. Since lead is so good at shielding radiation, it is used in many of these instruments. Table drapes made of lead, for instance, are also commonly used for protection.

The healthcare worker also wears much of the safety gear, including lead lenses, thyroid shields, lead vests, and lead aprons. It is important to ensure that it is comfortable to wear when choosing either a thyroid shield or a lead vest and that it does not, in any way, restrict the worker from performing his duties. Alternative materials are available that are as effective and more environmentally friendly as lead. They can be less robust, but they are also lighter and more comfortable.

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